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This quarterly release of the Health in the Early Years in Scotland (HEYS) Dashboard by Public Health Scotland (PHS) presents data on measures related to breastfeeding and early child development in Scotland. This includes: exclusive breastfeeding; overall breastfeeding; and 'ever breastfed', based on data collected at Health Visitor reviews at 10-14 days and 6-8 weeks; and developmental concerns based on data collected at reviews at 13-15 months, 27-30 months and 4-5 years. For all measures data are presented for each Health Board and Council Area of Residence (based on home postcode).


The data displays in the HEYS dashboard build on those presented in the 'Child health' section of the previously-provided Wider Impacts of COVID dashboard, which was updated for the last time in October 2023 and then retired. The Wider Impacts dashboard showed time series charts for individual measures and individual Health Boards. Public Health Scotland recognise that additional ways of looking at the data are helpful and so this dashboard also offers alternative data views, including time series charts to allow comparison (for a particular measure) across Health Board/Council areas. It also includes enhanced data download functionality with metadata to facilitate users doing their own analyses.

Further information

The next release of this publication will be 02 July 2024.

Data are shown for up to and including the most recent period for which records are considered near complete. Data for the most recent period should be viewed as provisional. Data for the whole time period shown will be refreshed every time the dashboard page is updated, and data for the most recent periods are likely to change slightly as additional records are submitted to PHS.

Further analysis and interpretation of annual rates and trends for some measures shown on this dashboard will also be published in the following PHS annual reports:

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Last updated: 25 March 2024
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